Pretend play

Benefits of pretend play

When your child copy your activity, movements, your work, chats to an imaginary friend then he is engaging in pretend play.Pretend play develop many good habits in your child like social skills.

#1.Social and Emotional skills

When your child is hosting a tea party with his teddy bear or treating as mother with his teddy bear or dolls then your child is taking on roles that are outside of her everyday life experiences. These play roles will help him to make relation in his life. Parents should also involve in parent play with their child to develop ethics in their child.

Language skills:

When your child making up stories and tell these stories to imaginary friends is a big part of pretend play. You and your partner can aid the process by setting a good example with the language you use, and correcting and explaining to your child errors in grammar or vocabulary.

#3. Creativity

When Child remembering situations from past experiences and recreating them. Like when a doctor’s check his patient or Mom preparing food in kitchen. You can cheer the development of your child’s thinking skills by asking suitable questions and prompting creative ideas.




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