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Air Freshener – LITTLE TREES ‘Tree’ – ‘Arctic White’ Fragrance MTR0061

£ 2.47
  • Need a great quality, world-famous, popular, and versatile air freshener? Hang or stick a LITTLE TREES 'TREE' anywhere: kitchens, bathrooms, wardrobes, toilets, around pets, boats, caravans, pedal bin lids, shoe cupboards and more
  • A unisex fragrance with an ultimate arctic freshness feel
  • A great range of 30 premium fragrances with fun designs on the unique, instantly recognizable tree-shape.
  • Introduced over 60 years ago and now a world-famous iconic favorite
  • Uses exceptional fragrances on specialty material.

Autoglym Polar Blast, 2.5 L

£ 17.67
  • Rich snow foam with superior cling
  • Apply through a pressure washer or foam gun
  • Loosens dirt and contamination
  • pH neutral
  • Use as a pre-wash to reduce the risk of scratches & swirls

Briggs & Stratton 100006E 4-Stroke Lawn Mower Engine Oil SAE30, 1.4 l, Black, 1.4 Litre

£ 12.06
  • Briggs & Stratton's range of oil products gives you everything you need to lubricate your outdoor power equipment petrol engines
  • Genuine Briggs & Stratton high-quality mineral SAE30 4-stroke engine oil
  • Suitable for all 4-stroke lawnmower engines. Also suitable for use in air-cooled 4-stroke outdoor power equipment engines operated in outdoor temperatures ranging from 4°C to 38°C
  • Available in multiple bottle sizes to match the oil capacity of your engine
  • API: SJ/CD grade oils

GLASS POLISH 21003 | DIY Windscreen Polishing Kit, Automotive Glass Polishing Solution

£ 15.76
  • Do-It-Yourself Automotive Glass Polishing Kit. Polishing Solution for any types of glass surfaces.
  • Easy to use with an electric drill, comes with universal 6mm drill attachment.
  • Suitable for removing wiper blade damage, scuffs, superficial scratches, hard water deposits, adhesive residue, tree sap. 
  • Improves glass clarity and smoothness and helps to maintain it's original look.
  • Safe to use on any type of automotive glass, including toughened and laminated glass.

Holts Tyreweld 400ml

£ 7.52
  • Fix flat tyre in seconds
  • Saves cost on recovery
  • Seal the puncture
  • Fits via the air valve
  • Easy storage

Jelly Belly 15214 3D Jelly Bean Air Freshener, Blueberry

£ 3.51
  • Classic Jelly Belly Design
  • Ideal for giving your car office or home a touch of freshness
  • Jelly Belly air freshener
  • Comes in the form of an overgrown, 3D jelly bean
  • Long-lasting 'Blueberry' fragrance
  • Ideal for car, home, and office

Kärcher 1 L, 3-in-1 Car Shampoo Plug and Clean, Pressure Washer Detergent

£ 8.51
  • 3in1 formula active dirt dissolver, quick-dry, and ultra shine
  • Simple plugin-container no mess (applicable with Plug & Clean facility pressure washers)
  • 1-liter refillable container
  • For gentle cleaning of all vehicle types
  • Compatible with all Kärcher pressure washers

Ring Automotive RTC100 Air Compressor, Analogue

£ 16.77
  • HANDY TYRE MAINTENANCE. The RTC100 can inflate a 13” tyre from 0PSI to 35PSI in just 4.5 minutes, making it quick to top up tyres.
  • SIMPLE TO USE. The large on/off button makes this an easy to use inflator. It even includes a holder for your dust caps – so you won’t lose them when it’s in use.
  • DESIGNED FOR HIGH PERFORMANCE. The flat design remains stable during inflation and rests on the ground – no need to hold during inflation. The 3m cable reaches tyres all around the vehicle.
  • CLEAR READINGS. The analogue screen is positioned on top of the inflator, to make it easier to see pressure readings. The dial shows pressure in PSI, bar, kPA and kg/cm2.
  • VERSATILE. The inflator comes with 3 piece adaptor set, so it can be used to inflate balls, bicycle tyres and other small inflatables as well as car tyres.

SLIME Unisex’s 8 Puncture Preventor Inner Tube Sealant, Green, 237 ml

£ 8.04
  • Don't let a flat ruin your day, let Slime's tube sealant protect your tires and get you back on the road quickly and easily when you get a flat.
  • Slime Tube Sealant seeks out and instantly seals punctures in your tubes up to 1/8" (3mm) using Fibro-Seal Technology
  • Use Slime Tube Sealant with an air source to prevent punctures, giving you two years of continuous flat tire protection
  • Use Slime in an emergency to repair/seal punctures and slow leaks on all Bicycles, dirt bikes, wheelbarrows, and prams
  • Environmentally friendly. Non-toxic, non-corrosive and non-hazardous, Non-flammable, Water soluble

Unisex Reusable Face Cover Protection Washable Facial Skin Mouth Nose Shield Breathable

£ 5.45
  • Made from elastic fibers giving is one size fits all fit
  • Washable, the mask can be washed and reused
  • Stretchy earloop fabric allows for a snug and comfortable fit ensuring that no pain is caused even if you wear the mask for a long time
  • The mask is comfortable and breathable, suitable to wear in spring and summer

WD-40 Original Spray Can 100ml

£ 4.06
  • Displaces moisture, prevents rust, and dries out electrical systems
  • Loosens stuck parts
  • Lubricates to make equipment run smoothly
  • Removes oil, dirt, grease, and grime
  • Protects metal from rust and corrosion
  • Recommended for gardening tools and equipment, battery terminals, spark plugs, bike frames, door locks, and hinges, power tools, engines, alloys, exhausts